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Learn the mindset for radical growth as a musician.

A Brand New Podcast!

Join Jared Hoffman on his journey of discovering what's possible in both music and life when we seek and believe for better things.


Sign up for three 30-minute Skype lessons every month. Each lesson is personalized to take you right to where you want to be. Each instructor focuses on giving you the tools you need to teach yourself long-term.

Drum Lessons

With Jared as your percussion instructor you will become so much more than just a drummer. You'll start on journey of purpose filled musician-ship that will set your soul on fire.

Guitar Lessons

Whether you want to lose yourself in the warm beautiful tones of the guitar or you just want to “rock out”, Aaron will lead you down an exciting journey as you explore the instrument together.

Bass Lessons

Whether it’s laying down a tight groove for the rest of the band, or playing along to your favorite track, or soloing away on a stage, Travis will be sure to get you there quick.


Courses are included for free with their corresponding lesson subscription. Each course teaches the fundamentals that are essential for every musician (beginner or advanced) to maintain and review.

Guitar Essentials

Drum Essentials

Bass Essentials

Band Essentials

Worship Essentials

Interested in a church workshop?

Contact us below if you're interested in having Thinking Musicians come visit your church, connect with your musicians, and deliver our live training.

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Thank you!

We're excited that you're reaching out. Jared Hoffman will get back to you directly to give you more information, answer any questions, and hear what's on your heart for your worship team.

For Churches

Let us equip your church for expressive and creative worship that effectively facilitates an encounter with God. We've lead worship together for years for local and international worship services, and are each eager to share what we've learned through an immersive workshop at your church.

Thinking Musicians was born out of a desire to help musicians with a thirst for growth in their spiritual walk and technical skills, both individually and as local worship teams. Our philosophy is based on God's continual call to believers in his word to draw near to him, grow in him, and use the gifts he has given us to build his kingdom. We seek to equip musicians in both private and public worship to grow in their skill as musicians and in their spiritual walk with God to increase in drawing near to the Father and building his kingdom.

After the initial contact, we will get in touch with you about your specific situation and goals for your worship team. When we arrive at your church, prepared with a knowledge of your goals, we will share our story, have a Q & A and share the thinking musician mindset and how it relates to your specific goals individually and as a team. Next, we'll have an interactive band workshop, discussing the marriage between technical excellence and spiritual discernment in facilitating an encounter with God. Finally, we'll demonstrate how the thinking musician philosophy has helped us grow as worship musicians by worshiping the Lord with your team!